Smiley Album

This album was recently sent to me from someone who found it some years ago in an antique shup in Illinois. The shop owner said it came from a local estate sale. This album contains a few exact duplicates of photos in the other Smiley album and it seems obvious the two were owned by close family members.

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George B. Smiley

Bertha Downing-Page

George B. Smiley
(W.C. McDoniel, Artistic Photographer, Troy, MO.)

Alton Teague

David Barton Smiley

Mildred Welch-Smiley




Ida Welch



Frank and Edna's House in Florida, Looking East.

Frank and Edna's House in Florida, Looking West.

West End of Barn. Major Smiley's Homestead.

Jimmie 2Yr 1Mo
Jodie 91Yr 11Mo
Taken Jan. 19th 1947

Mr. and Mrs. D.B. Smiley

Al Springston, Batchtown, IL
(W.C. McDoniels Photograph and Copying House. Troy, Mo.)

Alton Teague

Jodie Smiley

Charley Smiley - Georgia Legg

Charles Tillotson
Ogden City, Utah

Janella Finley



William Crouch

Grandma Smiley's Home Built in 1821
North Side - Rear

Grandma Smiley Home Erected 1821
South Side - Front

Maj. Saml Smileys House built 1821
Picture taken from west side, hold to looking glass to get true picture (printed in reverse)

D.B. Smiley