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About Us

Mark is the oldest guy in the house. His exact age is uncertain and shrouded in mystery, but some believe he is almost 50 years old. Mark works for Montgomery County, Maryland reviewing construction plans for environmental compliance. When he's not at work, he enjoys baking bread and brewing beer. Sometimes he hangs out around the post office late at night and catches moths for his collection. Mark also does laundry and dishes. Mark made this web site.

Ann is the mother of Nick and works as an editor down in Virginia somewhere. Sometimes she works from home, which is a cool thing. Ann is also the keeper of Spike. Ann makes incredibly beautiful jewelry and sells it online and at craft shows under the name Big Circle Jewelry. Ann likes too many things to list.

Teri is the mother of Emily and also works as an editor down in Virginia somewhere. Sometimes she, too, works from home, which is also a cool thing. Teri likes to cook and sew. Teri likes to recycle old clothing into new things, and sells wool on eBay

Nick is our resident high school student and philosophical guru. Nick plays bass guitar, drums, didgereedo and mouth harp ... that we know of. Nick likes photography and coffee. Nick currently has a huge mane of hair that he sometimes wears in a ponytail.

Emily is our little girl. She loves to invent gadgets that add clutter to our lives, and she is a wonderful actress and artist. Emily also has a beautiful wonderland of blonde hair that she wears in a multitude of ways on any given day.

Marlene lives just up the street from us. She works at a law office somewhere in Maryland and does her laundry at our house. She is co-keeper of Spike. Marlene likes to make glass beads in our garage and she also makes cool pottery.

Siouxsie is a cat. She enjoys chasing bugs and pulling out all her fur. Siouxsie does not go outside. Siouxsie thinks she would like to play with Spike.

Spike is an evil bird. He is a Conyer. Spike will bite the crap out of Mark whenever he gets a chance, but he likes Ann and Marlene a lot. Spike is very noisy. Spike does not play with Siouxsie.