Goering Pictures
(Hermann Wilhelm Göring)

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I found this envelope of photos in Dallas, Texas when I was a kid, back in about 1972. A friend and I came across a large amount of clothing and other articles that had been set out for trash pickup, and we started looking through it. At one point an older gentleman came out and asked us what we were doing, and we told him. As I recall, he told us his wife had passed away and most of the items were hers. My friend had found a ring amongst the items and offered it to the man, but he told us whatever we found we could keep. He said he did not want any of it. All he asked was that we try not to strew things all over the place.

As we pawed through the things, I came across a small box, and inside was an envelope containing these photos. Needless to say, when I saw pictures of Adolph Hitler I was very interested and excited, and I have kept them ever since. Written on the envelope was a notation saying "Pictures out of Herman Gorings Album 1945. Treasures of Carl E. Richards. Give to grandsons." A scan of the envelope is included here.

It is clear that many of these photos were mounted in an album at some point, as evidenced by the corners having been glued down.Were these photos actually removed from Herman Goering's personal photo albums? Who knows? I would be grateful to anyone who can offer any information about them. They are interesting photos at any rate.

I have organized the photos to show the photo followed by a scan of its reverse. I have not translated the writing and have no idea what they say. Note that one interesting photo was apparently cropped and the writing on the reverse was cut off.