Obituary for Dr. W. D. Welch

Obituary for Dr. W. D. Welch (dates unknown)
Uncited clipping.
From the papers of Mary Omahundro Hutt Walker

Death of Dr. W. D. WELCH

Dr. W. D. WELCH of near Brussells died Saturday last of opium poisoning, administered by his own hand
and with suicidal intent. The particulars, as near as we can learn, are as follows: Thursday evening he ate his
supper with the family with whom he was boarding and repaired to his office near by.- The next morning
the bell rang for breakfast, and, the doctor not appearing, it was supposed he had been called to see a
patient. A short time afterward, however, his horse was noticed in the lot, which aroused suspicion that all
was not right. Going to his office, Dr. WELCH was found lying on his bed in an unconscious condition. His
father, Dr. J. W. WELCH of New Hope, was immediately sent for, who, in company with another physician,
hastened to the bedside of the dying man. It was found that he had taken a powerful dose of morphine
hypodermically, and the physicians did all in their power to break the stupor, using every known remedy in
such cases recommended, together with the electric battery, but the deadly drug had taken too powerful
effect, and at noon he died.

Dr. W. D. WELCH was about 37 years old, unmarried, and was highly esteemed by the people among
whom he lived. Why should he resort to such an act, is as yet a mystery. He was in possession of an
excellant practice, had the confidence and good will of all, and was laying up some money. Though some
years ago, Dr. WELCH drank to some extent, yet of late years he had led a sober life. Some years ago, the
deceased, together with his father's family, lived in Troy, and is well known by many of our citizens. The
writer of this article knew him intimately for years, in fact, were boys together, and we are glad to be able to
say that he cannot recall a single act of deceased that could not be approved and justified. He was a light
and free-hearted boy, as he was noble hearted man always willing to share his joys with others, and we are
sure, from our own personal knowledge of the man, that none knew well but will be grieved to hear of his
unfortunate end. It is indeed a heavy blow to Dr. J. W. WELCH, the father, and he certainly has the
sympathy and condolence of the entire people. We learn that the deceased left a note to his father, but the
nature of its contents we are not aquainted.

The Last Lines He Penned:

As much has been ventured in regard to the contents of the letter written by Dr. W. D. WELCH just before
his sad death by his own hand and addressed to his father, Dr. J. D. WELCH, the said letter has been made
public that there may be no misapprehensions in the matter. It reads as follows:
Dear Father: I am tired, so tired of this life. There is no place in this world to which I want to go, nor none
in which I want to stay. My childhood and manhood were different from those with whom I associated. I
had these times then but now they come no longer in spells, but is a continued feeling-- -one of never
ending tire. My life has a peculiarity about it which perhaps you never noticed . It is one of anxiety. It is
one of wishfulness. How often I have wished, and how often I have waited that death would come to my
relief no one knows but the Great Ruler above. I have tried for years and in a number of ways to hide this
feeling from the eyes of those with whom I associate, but whether I have succeeded or not remains for them
to tell. There are many things I have wished to do, and many things I would have done, but this tired weary
feeling blights all hopes and destroys all prospects of my ever achieving anything more. Life is a star that
shoots across the sky and vanishes into darkness. It is a trial, a turmoil, a snare, a drugery and a cup that is
filled with bitterness and woes and temptations. The Meek and Lowly One has said, "Seek and ye shall find,
and unto him that asketh, it shall be given." In Him do I put my trust and ask for rest and I believe He will
give it to me. I bid to this life a long, long, eternal farewell. Good bye, kiss ma and Allie and Carrie for me
and give my love to Bennie, Jimmie, Charlie and Tom and their children. Goodbye.

[Transcriber's Note:
I thought repaired sounded odd, but after looking it up in the dictionary, it means "to go back". There are 2
graves recorded with the name WELCH in Bryant Creek Cemetery, which isn't far from New Hope. Don't
now if there is any connection. I found no record of the 2 Drs nor the mother of the young Dr. Have no idea
when he died -j.g.

Anne C. d. Sep. 6, 1864 - 2 y D/O James W. & Mary A.
Elizabeth M. July 5, 1860 - Feb. 16, 1861]

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